March 5, 2014
Howie Day
Medicine Ball Tablature ‎

Please let me know if any of the chords or lyrics look wrong. He is really hard to understand in some places.

Am - x02210
C  - x32010
Dm - xx0231
E  - 022100
Em - 022000 (or 022003)
F  - x03210 (or x03010 or x03013)
G  - 320003 (or 320013) 

C         Em                  Am          F
come on I'm reeling here on a rock
counting the places where hearts go
maybe our ancestors try to mock us
no im just playing a life that'll change

just can't fight the desire to love
just can't lie to a child thats within

Dm       E                    Am       G
lovers lips are no kind of friend
everyone dreams that the pragmatic come

C         Em                  Am          F
hit in the stomach a medicine ball
wipe off the dirt and pull back your hair

Dm       E                              Am       G
head in the clouds meet the state that I'm in
need a shelter never and end...    yeah

C         Em                  Am          F

Dm            E                     Am       G
seeing the world for the way that I am
need a center always an end

C         Em                  Am          F
I'm only feeling my way through the dark
counting the places I'll never go
so lucky with you that I want to try
so lucky with you that I want to try