Slide [Goo Goo Dolls Cover]
by Howie Day
Transcription by Scott Ferguson


John Rzeznik uses a whacky tuning for this song, Howie plays it in
standard tuning.  Listen to the recording for the exact rhythm.


Basic chords:

Em7 - 022033
D - xx0232
Dsus4 - xx0233
C - x32010
Cadd9 - x32030
G - 3x0033


Intro & Outro:

        Em7     D    Dsus4    C	    G
e -------3------2------3------0-----3----
B -------3------3------3------1-----3----
G -------0------2------2------0-----0----
D -------2------0------0------2-----0----
A -----2----------------------3-----x----
E ---0------------------------------3----


    Em7     D    Dsus4    C
e ---3------2------3------0----
B ---3------3------3------1----
G ---0------2------2------0----
D ---2------0------0------2----
A ---2--------------------3----
E ---0-------------------------

The verse is the same number of beats as the intro and outro,
so it gets a tit bit tricky.  The Em7 is held out longer as
well as the C and D.  The C is held out for a considerably
longer time.  Also, he plays a more broken up version of that
twice before the chorus comes in.  It's just a variation.  Make
sure to get that Dsus4 voicing in there and then zip to a Cadd9
(not a C, although either works).

Chorus (So why don't you slide...):

    Em7     D      C	 G    C	    G    C     G    D   Dsus4
e ---3------2--|---0-----3----0-----3----0-----3----2-----3---
B ---3------3--|---1-----3----1-----3----1-----3----3-----3---
G ---0------2--|---0-----0----0-----0----0-----0----2-----2---
D ---2------0--|---2-----0----2-----0----2-----0----0-----0---
A ---2---------|---3-----x----3-----x----3-----x--------------
E ---0---------|---------3----------3----------3--------------

It's repeated twice, and hold that Dsus4 of for a few beats.  When
you repeat, repeat from that sexy little bar line, not the entire
thing again.  The Em7 is for about a 1/16 of a beat, and the first
D is only about 1/8 of a beat.  Listen to the recording, it's tricky.


That's that, enjoy.