So Much to Say [Dave Matthews Band cover]
by Howie Day
Transcription by Scott Ferguson


The whole songs based around the A major scale.  It's
tricky but mad fun to play once you get this freaky
shit down.  So don't fret young grasshopper, it just
takes practice.


Basic chords:

The first part of the song is based around the A major
barre shape. (577655)

A7 - 575655
Dm7 - x57565
Em7 - x79787
E7 [triad] - xxx989
Am - 577555


Intro (Just repeat it 4 times):

e --x---x-x----------------
B --x---x-x-----5--5-------
G --x---x-x-----5--5h6-----
D --x---x-x------------7---
A --x---x-x----------------
E -----------/5------------


e --x---x-x----------------|----------------5--------------
B --x---x-x-----5--5-------|----------------5----------5---
G --x---x-x-----5--5h6-----|----------------5----------5---
D --x---x-x------------7\--|------------------------7------
A --x---x-x----------------|-----3-------------------------
E -----------/5------------|--1-----1---/5-----/5----------

Repeat the first half twice, then play the whole thing and
repeat that pattern.  Listen to the recording to get it
exactly, it's not very hard.

He does that a few times, and then just shifts into a chord

     A7    Dm7   Em7   A7   E7   Am
e ---5------5-----7----5--|--9----5---
B ---5------6-----8----5--|--8----5---
G ---6------5-----7----6--|--9----5---
D ---5------7-----9----5--|-------7---
A ---7------5-----7----7--|-----------
E ---5-----------------5--|-----------

That lick after the barline is a little whacky, and the rhythm
changes around.  The rest of the song is just those chords.  The lick
isn't always played, only occasionally just for some extra colour.
Mess around with how you play the chords to get his exact sound, it's
tricky but fun to play.


All done.